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Bernie Bullbrook (left) as Alonso in Fuente Ovejuna. Photograph by Phil Gammon

Member, 1967 to 2011

One of the founding fathers of the SLTC, Bernard "Bernie" Bullbrook was one of the longest serving members of the theatre.

Until his retirement and move to South Petherton, Somerset in 2006, Bernie was a regular feature in the the SLTC Members' Club bar.

Bernie was Deputy Chairman for many years and fought hard to ensure the SLT's voice was heard in council meetings and community groups throughout Lambeth.

Bernie was the leading light in founding Prompt Corner (see below).

Bernie died on 4th July 2011.

Acting Roles

Productions as Assistant to the Director

Productions as Stage Director

Productions as Stage Manager

Productions as Assistant Stage Manager

Productions as Production Manager

Productions as Technical Supervisor

Productions as Lighting Designer & Operator

Productions as Lighting Designer

Productions as Lighting Operator

Productions as Sound Operator

Productions as Construction Manager

Set Design & Construction on:

Set Construction on:

Productions as Set Builder's Assistant

Productions as Set Designer

Productions as Scaffolding Erector/Advisor

Productions as Rigger

Productions as Armourer

Other SLT Roles

  • Deputy Chairman 1994 - 1995, 1996 - 2006
  • Director without Portfolio 1992 - 1994


I remember a very moving speech that Bernie gave to the SLT Youth Group when we were preparing for Stay With Me (2006) (Prompt Corner). The play was based in the war and Bernie was an evacuee. He got all the children to lie down in Prompt Corner, in the dark, then turned the lights out - and described his feelings as a small boy, on a cold floor, in the dark, miles from home and frightened. And how he wet the bed because he knew that 'bed-wetters' were given an instant transport home.

Most moving was the fact that his very first theatrical performance was in the room in which we were all lying - long before it was Prompt Corner, it was St Luke's Church Hall and Bernie put on a charity performance to raise money for the war effort.

It is unsurprising therefore that he fought so long and hard to have Prompt Corner rebuilt as a theatre space.

~ Stuart Draper

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