The Miser (1968)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by Molière

Translated by Miles Malleson

Directed by Victor Shaw

Performances: Sun 1st – Sat 7th December 1968, Theatre


Text about the play




After the agonies of Tennessee Williams, South London Theatre Centre have decided it is time for a good laugh; and that is exactly what they have given us in Victor Shaw's Hard-hitting production......

As a matter of fact, I did laugh a great deal.... Charles Cheetham has been given his biggest chance to date with the Centre. As Harpegon, je my lack Miles Matheson's gift of creating a mood with a quiver of the chin or a flick of the eyelid. But he has his own considerable flair for broad comedy, and he uses it here in full measure......

Such was the fervour of the acting on Sunday that Bernard Bullbrook, who was busily creating an excellent little cameo as Jacques, was actually injured in his encounter with Harpagon, causing the curtains to be drwn for about five minutes while he received mediacl attention.

The movements are not all worked out satisfactorily, but the production in general caries the action forwards in fine style. There is some very good supporting work by, in particular, Raymond Jones (Valere), and Janice Grady (Elsie). And Anna Greenburg has a good deal of fire, and knows how to get the most out of such odd-ball lines as "What's 60 to a man of your age."

The set, in black relieved by white pillars, is simple yet effective, but some of the make-up (notably that of Alain Bouvier, as an otherwise effective Cleante) is laid on with heavy hand.

You can take a bow, Victor Shaw; you have succeeded in your "sole purpose".

Donald Madgwick, The Croydon Advertiser 5/12/68


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