Equus (1984)

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by Peter Schaffer

Directed by Ann Parnell-McGarry and Tony Westhead

Performances: Sun 2nd Tue 4th – Sat 8th September 1984, Bell Theatre


EQUUS.....One weekend over two years ago, I was driving with a friend through bleak countryside. We passed a stable. Suddenly he was reminded by it of an alarming crime which he had heard about recently at a dinner party in London. He knew only one terrible detail and his complete mention of it could barely have lasted a minute - but it was enough to arouse in me an intense fascination. The act had been committed several years before by a highly disturbed young man. It had deeply shocked a local bench of magistrates. It lacked finally any coherent explanation. A few months later my friend died. I could not verify what he had said, or ask him to expand it. He had given me no name, no place and no time. I don't think he knew them. All I possessed was his report of a dreadful event, and the feeling engendered in me. I knew very strongly that I wanted to interpret it in some entirely personal way. I had to create a mental world where the dead could be made comprehensible. Peter Schaffer 1973.

The time is the present. The main action takes place in Rokesby Psychiatric Hospital in Southern England.




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