The Passing Out Parade (1989)

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by Anne Valery

Directed by Keefe Browning

Performances: Sun 5th – Sat 11th February 1989, Bell Theatre


"Well Hitler will shiver in his shoes when glimpses this little shower"

So says Sergeant Joyce 'blood-and-guts' Pickering on a cold February morning of her intake of Auxiliary Territorial Service recruits.

Seven girls that are a raw, ill-assorted bunch of 'anguished amateurs' - as hopeless a group that it has ever been her misfortune to transform into rigorous regimental reality.

With a barrack room setting and a soundtrack of music and songs from the period, the Bell Theatre relives those dark days of 1944 to follow comedy, drama and in one case eventual tragedy, as the girls of B Company A.T.S. come to grips with the Great British military machine, or as Private Basher Beasley puts it, "Hitler isn't in the mountain chateau Berchtesgarden ... he's cooking in the canteen!"

The action takes place in Pontefract, Yorkshire; in an A.T.S. barrack room and on the parade ground. Time: Early 1944.




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Reminiscences and Anecdotes

Anne Valery came to see our production of this play.

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