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Prompt Corner was the South London Theatre's studio theatre which opened in February 1975. This is how it was announced in its first programme.

"This, our latest venture, was conceived as SHOP WINDOWS then grew into an idea of a LITTLE THEATRE, and now we proudly announce the birth of


We are bound to have teething troubles, unavoidable when working with nothing but the bare bones, operating on a very thin shoestring. It is a platform for trying out new ideas, adapting well tried old ones, and a proving ground for new talent. Actors and directors alike are able to express themselves by doing things that would not fit into the Main Theatre pattern, in a place where alled creative arts can be aired and mixed, where we can talk shop with local or outside experts on the practice and theory of the arts, or invite other theatres to show us what htey are doing and thinking about. Most important of all - you can join in.

Dear audience - we need your patience, support, opinions and ideas (only signed abuse will be accepted). The standard will vary, but we hope to be always interesting and sometimes exciting. Your comments will be welcome - don't be shy - not just extreme comments, tell us about the little things you dislike of were intrigued about, and all those you liked as well.

Please let us know about anything that you see in other places that you think might interest our Members. Perhaps YOU have something to offer - if so, you know where to come!"

It is a black box theatre and as such has no fixed seating, so its configuration is only limited by the director's imagination. That said, as a studio theatre every aspect of the show is meant to be kept as simple as possible and that is reflected by the smaller amount of time a show is given to set up the theatre.

It originally had an entrance to the audience from the Bell Theatre and an entrance to the stage of the Bell Theatre. However now, as we have only a single theatre space (mainly the old Prompt Corner, but additionally the wing space of the old Bell Theatre), it is a designation for our smaller, more experimental productions.