Between You and Me (2003)

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Poster by Stuart Draper

by Alan Buckman

Directed by Alan Buckman

Performances: Thu 12th - Sat 14th June 2003, Prompt Corner


Between You and Me is a series of six unconnected (but cunningly linked) monologues, lasting roughly ten minutes each, followed by a short P.S. to round things off.

Just as in Alan Bennett's Talking Heads the characters chat to the audience about events in their lives, sometimes telling a story from their own particular standpoint, sometimes letting the listener in on their private thoughts.

There is plenty of humour - but don't expect punch lines. There is pathos - but don't expect to shed a tear. There are points of view - but don't expect a message.

The six widely differing characters are: Joan, a feisty O.A.P. who has a brush with her local librarian and also resents her family's attitude to age and ageing. Mark is an Assistant Stage Manager changing the set at one of our larger theatres, chatting about the play in progress and his mixed feelings about a fellow worker. Janet is on a blind date. Feeling, equally, guilty about deserting her father for the evening and nervous about the date, she has left her vital glasses at home, so she can't see a thing. George reflects wryly on last night's barbecue party, the people that he met there and his attitude to second home owning. Sandra twitters on about her work in a charity shop, her boss and her forthcoming wedding. Finally Bill muses about his late wife, her funeral - and his dreadful sister.<ref>Director's note from themain SLT site</ref>


Now and Then

Behind the Lines

Half-Blind Date

Home from Home

Just Window Dressing

That's That, Then


Joan, Mark, Janet George, Sandra, Bill



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