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At the SLTC in 1982 ...


Social Events

  • The first Film Quiz was held in the the Members' Club Bar on Saturday 23rd January, Malcolm Saunders was the Quizmaster.
  • A darts match was held against the Epsom Fire Brigade on the evening of 4th February.
  • A Valentines Disco Party was held on February 13th.
  • The second Thespians Quiz was held on Saturday 6th March, John Lyne was the Question Master.
  • A "Baby Competition" (identify members and films stars from their photos when they were babies) was held on 27th February.
  • An "End of the Old Committee" Disco party was held in the Members' Club on Saturday 22nd May following the election of the new committe on 20th.
  • A "Call my Bluff" evening was held in the bar by Mary Holton.
  • A "Summer Break-away" party was held in the bar on 17th July.
  • A Film Night of cartoons and cut down features on Super8 film was held in the bar on 24th July.
  • A "Treasure Trove" Car Rally was held on 8th August
  • The then annual darts tournament ran from 15th - 21st August.
  • A members only "Speak-easy" party night was held in the bar on 25th September (to enter the bar knock twice and ask for Bob Marshall our then M.C. Chairman)
  • A Beauties (Men) verses Beasts (Women) football match was held the National Sports Centre, Crystal Palace.
  • A second Car Rally was held on 24th October as the first had only completed half the course.
  • A Halloween Party was held in the bar on 30th October.
  • A Casino/Cocktail party was held in the bar on Saturday 4th November.
  • The Christmas Party was held on 18th December followed by the Children's Christmas Party on 19th.
  • A Members Only Night was held in the bar on 23rd December.
  • The New Year's Party was held on 31st December.


On February 5th we were presented with a fire bell by the London Fire Brigade, it was the first time for about 60 years that such a bell had been given.

In 1982 we were running an active adult training programme.

  • A dance class met on Saturdays.
  • The Youth Group (at the Community Hall in Chapel Road) ran from 12 noon- 2pm Saturdays.
  • The Children's Class was running, making masks and puppets, also telling stories and enjoying theatre workshop activities.
  • Our drama class (a 4-year course) met on Tuesday evenings.
  • Choreography and mime courses had been running.
  • A stagecraft course was about to start, followed by one on stage lighting with an ILEA tutor.
  • An initiative to double our membership was launched by David Hickman, our then Membership Representative.

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