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At the SLTC in 1981 ...


Other (Visiting) Productions

Social Events

  • "Valentine's Day Massacre" Party in the bar 14th February.
  • Theatrical Quiz held by John Lyne in the bar on 21st February.
  • A "Mad Hare Raising Party fo Mad Hatters" was held in the bar on 28th March.
  • A chardes evening was held in the bar on 4th April.
  • "Another of Those Almost Legendary Folk Nights" was in the bar on 25th April.
  • "A May Day Party" was held in the bar on 2nd May.
  • "A View from the Bridge"" Gala Night wine & cheese party was held in the bar at 7pm on 3rd May.
  • "American Cocktail Evening" in the bar om 4th July.
  • "Royal Wedding Members only Party" in the bar on 29th July.
  • A "Movie Night" and a "Fortnight of Dates and Games" were held in the bar in August.
  • A New Season "Masks" Party was held in the bar on 5th September.
  • A Photographic Competition was held in the bar on 24th October.


  • Fundraising held a Jumble Sale in Prompt Corner on 28th February, which raised £105.90p.
  • A competition was announced to give a name to the Main Theatre, with a closing date of March 20th 1981.
  • The SLTC fundraising team held a fundraising drive at the Easter Parade in Battersea Park on 19th & 20th April.
  • The SLTC Ltd AGM was held on Thurs 21st May.
  • The SLTC Members' Club AGM was held on Tues 26th May.
  • A sponsored 48 hr Shakespeare Marathon Reading took place between 29th and 31st May.
  • Fundraising held a Coffee Morning and Bargain Basement in the bar from 10.30 - 12.30 in the bar.
  • The Theatre appeared in an article in "The News of the World" on 7th June, it was about Adam Gascoine (son of actress Jill Gascoine), who was appearing in our production of "A Voyage Round My Father" that week.
  • A sponsored walk was held in Battersea park for the "Ladies Loo Fund" on 23rd August.
  • The Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain held a conference on training at the theatre from 9th - 11th October, during "The Playboy of the Western World"
  • A Jumble Sale was held in Prompt Corner on 7th November.

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