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At the SLTC in 1984 ...


Visiting Productions

Social Events

  • March 17th - St Patrick's Day fancy dress party in the bar.
  • March 31st - Theatre Quiz in the bar.
  • April 28th - Grand Auction, bar.
  • May 26th - End of Committee Party, bar.
  • August 5th - 18th - SLTC Darts Championship, bar.
  • September 9th - SLTC Summer Rally.
  • September 23rd - Football Match, SLTC v Anglo School, Crystal Palace Sports Centre.
  • October 6th - Members only Night, bar.
  • November 17th - Casino Cocktail Party, bar.
  • December 23rd - Annual Members Only Night, bar.
  • December 31st - New Year's Eve Party, bar.

Other Events

  • January 28th - Indian Braves, children's class were visited by National Theatre actors.
  • March 11th "Theatre Workshop" on The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter in Prompt Corner.
  • March 17th - Jumble Sale, Prompt Corner.
  • April 17th - Writers' Circle Meeting.
  • April 29 - "Workshop" on Dramatic Skills, in the bar.
  • May 12th - Jumble Sale, Prompt Corner.
  • May 17th - SLTC Ltd. AGM, Bell Theatre.
  • May 20th - Norman Conquests "Workshop".
  • May 24th - SLTC Members' Club AGM, Bell Theatre.
  • July 14th - SLTC Open Day.
  • September 16th - Technical "workshop" Telescopic Techniques.
  • October 28th - New Members "Workshop", Prompt Corner.
  • November 3rd - Jumble Sale, Prompt Corner.
  • November 25th - "Workshop" How To Do Plays You Don't Understand, Prompt Corner.
  • December 18th - Writers' Circle Meeting.


In March we were awarded a grant of £2,500 from the Royal Victoria Hall Fondation, specifically for lighting in the two theatres. The fund was from the sale of the Old Vic to "Honest Ed" who ran the theatre for many years after.

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