The Stolen Princess (2003)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by Tim Hinchliffe

Directed by Tim Hinchliffe

Performances: Friday 10th – Sat 18th January 2003, Bell Theatre


STRANGE things are happening in Panto Land. Characters are mysteriously disappearing all over the place - and no-one has any idea why! Aladdin's off on one of his adventures, leaving Widow Twankey (Alan Buckman) to man the laundry on her own, the Princess (Rosie Brunt) has had a pea in her bed and it's getting on her nerves, and the horses are giving Jack (of Beanstalk fame) plenty to do with his shovel...

The King (Stuart Draper) is at a loss - and his mysterious Chancellor (played with a twist of pure evil by David "Don't Put Me In The Asylum" Lomas) seems to have plans of his own... What's more, the Queen (delivered on wheels by Anna York) is about to throw a wobbly - the guests are arriving for her daughter's wedding, but the most important person is missing!

To make matters worse, the Evil Emperor (played with relish by Joe St Johanser) has designs on the Princess. When the Princess is finally Stolen, it's up to big butch Jack (played convincingly by Stewart Barham) and the foppish Prince Valiant (delicately delivered by newcomer Chris Learmonth) to save the day!

They must cross deserts where no human eye has ever set foot, forge rivers, climb mountains, and brave Widow Twankey's singing. Will they ever see the sun again? Will they find the Princess before she is lost forever? How do otherwise mature and sensible adults get away with such nonsensical nonsense?

Written and directed by our very own Tim Hinchliffe, The Stolen Princess is a delightful, if unconventional, pantomime for the entire family. Running for 10 performances, including two matinees, The Stolen Princess marks a welcome return of the SLT pantomime after many years absence. With fabulous sets by Peter Marsh and Glenn Smart, lighting by Mike Elliot and sound design by Chris VS-Smith, The Stolen Princess looks set to be a Cornucopia of Corn, and a veritable Feast of Fun - book now to avoid disappointment!



with sewing help from - Liz Buss, Ian Grant, Jenny Newstead, Christine Theophilus, Philip Hinton


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OK, barring those compulsory school plays, this was my acting debut. I can still remember standing outside the red door at SLT trying to pluck up the courage to go in for the auditions. I was such a nervous wreck that it was almost a 50/50 decision to turn around and leave. I'm glad I didn't. Rehearsing and performing in this play was such a magical experience, and i'm very grateful for the oppertunity Tim, and SLT gave me in discovering a whole new passion in my life.

Cheers, Chris Learmonth

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