Naomi Liddle

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SLT Member 2006 - Present.

Naomi as Ruth Condomine in Blithe Spirit (2014). Photo by Phil Gammon

Acting Roles

Productions as Director

Productions as Sound Designer

Productions as Lighting & Sound Operator

Productions as Lighting Operator

Costumes on:

Productions as Prop-maker

Set Construction on:


  • Member of Bar Committee since 2007
  • Member of Theatre Committee (Theatre Director) 2008 - 2012
  • Membership Director - 2014 - present
  • Bar Champion 2011/12 Season


Theatre (luckily). Occasionally I emerge, blinking in the sunlight, from SLT and indulge in outside interests such as video gaming, comedy (the darker the better), movies, food and drink (especially when provided by others), general geekery, and lame attempts at keeping fit by cycling.

I am also a keen seamstress and make fabric bags and accessories which I sell via my alter-ego, Lemur Lady.

I'm often found behind the bar at SLT. Close to the beer.


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