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Social Events

Film Club in SLT Bar presented by Anton Krause and Matthew Lyne

  • Jan 12th The Jazz Singer
  • Feb 16th The Thin Man
  • Mar 16th Passport to Pimlico
  • Apr 13th Singin' in the Rain
  • May 18th The Apartment
  • Jun 15th Get Carter
  • Jul 13th Gorky Park
  • Aug 17th Living in Oblivion
  • Sep 14th O Brother Where art Thou?
  • Oct 19th The Artist
  • Dec 7th Much Ado About Nothing
  • Aug 31st Hazel & Mark's Nuptial Knees-up in Bar and Prompt

Winners: Helen Chadney (Champion), Anton Krause, Matthew Lyne & Chris Vian-Smith.

  • 24th Dec Christmas Eve with Naomi & Chaz.