The White Devil (2012)

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Poster by Dave Hollander

by John Webster

Directed by Dave Hollander

Performances: Tue 19th – Sat 23rd June 2012, Prompt Corner


A heady blend of lust, intrigue and murderous plotting, John Webster's play tells the story of Vittoria Corombona, a married noblewoman, who elopes with her lover when her husband and his wife are both murdered. As the finger of suspicion wavers between different parties, mysterious strangers start to appear - are these ghosts from the past or aggrieved adversaries in disguise, hell-bent on revenge?


Other parts played by members of the cast.



Charles Doyle and Emma Symes for help with the set; Alan Buckman for help and advice with props; Anton Krause for last minute fencing instruction; the casts and crews of Singles and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead; the dedicated box office, wardrobe, front of house and bar volunteers without whom the theatre would not exist.


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Photos by Louis Spanswick O'Brien

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