The Hypochondriac (2013)

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Poster by Charles Doyle

by Roger McGough (from the original by Molière)

Directed by Naomi Liddle

Performances: Tue 5th – Sat 9th March 2013, Bell Theatre


Argan is a perfectly healthy gentleman convinced that he is seriously ill. He drives his wife, his daughter and his feisty servant to distraction with his reliance on quack medicines until they decide it is time to take things into their own hands with a cunning plan for his most efficacious cure. Roger McGough injects his own brand of silliness into Moliere’s scathing comedy.



Merci Beaucoup to

The cast and crew of the plays rehearsing next to our melodramatic wailings, Lisa Thomas for frock coat patterns, sewing and support; Caroline Doyle for amazing and tireless work on buttons, braiding and breeches while magically creating waistcoats from scratch; Ellis and Dave for helping with the musical stuff (not my forte); Induja for unpleasant medical devices; my patient and supportive cast, Chaz for helping even when laid low with man flu and, of course, the bar, FoH and box office staff without whom we couldn't put on a show at all.


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