A Skull in Connemara (2012)

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Poster by Chaz Doyle

by Martin McDonagh

Directed by Naomi Liddle

Performances: Tue 20th – Sat 24th November 2012, Prompt Corner


Mick Dowd is the gravedigger in Leenane, a village which sees its fair share of violence and squabbling. Due to overcrowding, it is his job to annually disinter the old bones from their graves to make way for the newly departed. The longest any bones can remain in peace is seven years. Coincidentally, it just happens that seven years ago Mick was involved in a car crash which killed his wife. Whilst foul play was never proved, the residents of Leenane have always suspected that he staged the crash to cover up her murder. With her remains next on the exhumation list, will Mick be digging up secrets as well as skeletons this year?



Huge Thanks To:

....the panto-peeps for putting up with us next door, The Hope, The Park, Charlotte Vaight, the hard-working bar, box office, front-of-house and wardrobe volunteers who keep this lovely place going, Alan Buckman for his ducks and dodgy taxidermy, Anton our show rep for not pulling it (yet), Caroline Doyle for her tireless support and help.

And a special thanks to Chaz, without whose creativity, ingenuity, and steadfast refusal to admit that anything's impossible this show could not have happened. He's also pretty handy with the plaster of Paris. Slainte!


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Photograph by Phil Gammon
Photograph by Phil Gammon
Photograph by Phil Gammon
Photograph by Phil Gammon

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