Latin! or Tobacco and Boys (2013)

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Poster by Lisa Thomas

by Stephen Fry

Directed by Steph Urquhart

Performances: Tue 22nd – Sat 26th January 2013, Prompt Corner


A play in two unnatural Acts

  • At the Chartham Park Preparatory School for Boys, Year 6's Common Entrance exams are only weeks away. With the Headmaster ill, Mr Clarke and Senior Master, Mr Brookshaw scheme for succession in a battle of wits and blackmail. To the victor the spoils but with the reputation of Chartham at stake, is the prize worth the price?

Performed with The Evils of Tobacco.


With: Barton Mills, Cartwright, Catchpole, Elwyn-Jones, Figgis, Harvey-Williams, Hoskins, Hughes, Kinnock, Madison, Potter, Smethwick, Spragg, Standfast, Whitwell



There are always lots of people to thank and I'm really lucky to know some really lovely ones:

Fantastic Cast & Crew (goes without saying); anyone that's let me talk to them about the show in any way, shape or form; Alan Maddrell and Will Baltyn; The power of Facebook; Katriona Stanford & co; Oli and Ed for the desk; Alan Buckman; Richard Williams; Matthew Lyne and the bar staff; Jeanette Hoile and FoH team; Jess Osorio and Box Office; Membership volunteers; Dave Hollander, our rep; Theatre Committee and non-existent Jan. Bell Theatre show; The Cast & Crew of Kes; Chaz Doyle; Siobhan Campbell; Sarah Frith; David Hawkins; Agent Fiona Thomas-Williams (DT); Daniel Kelly and finally Miss Lily Rae, 'genral dogsbody' and all round sexy thing.


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