The Little Dog Laughed (2013)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by Douglas Carter Beane

Directed by Barry Heselden

Performances: Tue 16th – Sat 20th July 2013, Prompt Corner


The play centres around Mitchell Green, a rising Hollywood star, and his domineering, deeply ambitious agent, Diane, who is determined to buy the rights to a brand new play and turn it from a 'gay play' into a 'hetro' rom-com blockbuster as a vehicle to propel Mitchell to superstardom. To ensure this happens, Diane has to maintain Mitchell's straight guy-next-door image by preventing him from bursting out of the closet and announcing to the world that he has fallen for a bi-sexual rent boy, Alex. Into the mix arrives Ellen, the rent boy's girlfriend.

Will love conquer all or will the desire for fame and fortune win the day?



With Many Thanks To:

Alan Buckman for help with props; Jeanette Hoile for much assistance and support; the Front of House volunteers; Jess Osorio and the Box Office team; Matthew Lyne and all the bar staff; Chaz Doyle for inspiration on the set design; Anthony Townsend for publicity; Dave Hollander for being accommodating with rehearsal times; Lisa Thomas for being our Theatre Rep; and the management at The Hope for rehearsal space.


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