Chimps (2013)

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Poster by Emma Baines

by Simon Block

Directed by Mark Ireson

Performances: Tuesday 3rd – Saturday 7th September 2013, Bell Theatre


It’s Saturday afternoon. Stevie and Mark have just bought their first home. She’s a hard-working graphic designer, heading for her weekly self defence lesson; he’s still the dreamer she met at art school, unemployed and working on his masterpiece: a pictorial alphabet for children. They’re in love. Their first child is on the way. Everything seems to be in perfect order. And then the doorbell rings.

On the doorstep are Gabriel and Lawrence, two door to door salesmen offering a “free estimate”, who convince the couple the walls of their house are about to collapse round their ears.

As luck would have it, they have an amazing product that can fix the problem…




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The script requires two large prints that Mark has created for his illustrated alphabet book. Hazel Hindle made these charming illustrations for the production:


Phil Gammon's complete gallery of photos can be seen here but the one you want to see is:


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