Gareth Barker

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SLT Member 1989 - present

Productions as Lighting Designer & Operator

Lighting on:

Productions as Lighting Designer

Set Construction


  • Gareth did the lighting design for Endgame in 2008, and created an amazing atmosphere and visual feast of greys, which truly enhanced the play.

Some years ago, he designed the lighting for Ron Sales' production of Waiting for Godot, both here and in Ireland, complete with a memorable moon, and effects skilfully adapted for a variety of venues.

In my opinion, Gareth is the most talented and creative lighting designer that we have, (among many other talented people), and should be treasured. Once seen, his designs are not forgotten. I'm looking forward to seeing his work on The Actor's Nightmare.<ref></ref>

  • his lighting really works hard and enhances every scene.

It is the sixth actor on the stage

  • Woweee- the lighting looks particularly stunning in The Actor's Nightmare

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