Julius Caesar (1984)

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A visiting production from The Questors Studio in exchange for our production of "The Last Day of November" there earlier in the year.

Poster by Poster Designer

by William Shakespeare

Directed by David Fletcher

Performances: Fri 17th – Sun 19th February 7.30pm 1984, Prompt Corner


Text about the play


  • Julius Caesar - John Martin
  • Calphurnia - Carol Metcalf
  • Cassius - David Morgan
  • Brutus - Hugh Simon
  • Portia - Sue Styles
  • Decius Brutus - John Taylor
  • Octavius Caesar - John Taylor
  • Casca - Paul Vincent
  • Messala - Paul Vincent
  • Mark Antony - Graham Williams


  • Stage Manager - June Malcolm
  • Assistant Stage Manager - Jean Ashbury
  • Lighting Design & Assistant Director - Ian Briggs
  • Costumes - Lindsay Udell
  • Prompter - Glynis Fletcher


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Reminiscences and Anecdotes

As at that time the Studio at Questors and Prompt Corner at SLTC were using the same model Green Ginger lighting control desk, all lighting circuits and cues sheets could be transfered without alteration between the two theatres.

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