Outside Edge (1984)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by Richard Harris

Directed by Charlie Cheetham

Performances: Sun 3rd & Tue 5th – Sat 9th June 1984, Bell Theatre


Text about the play




"A well-cast and lively production by Charlie Cheetham.

The opening performance ... was attended by the former Surrey and England fast bowler Alf Gover, who afterwards pronounced himself well pleased with the team's performance.

But one does not need to be anything of an expert in the game to enjoy this deft entertainment, Sharon Haywood's set design must be a joy for the cast to work in, with its authentic-looking old team photos, fixture list and all the appurtenances of a typical village cricket pavilion.

Bringing order out of chaos is Brenda Meldrum as Miriam, the captain's wife, one of those tireless ladies who organise the teas and end up trying to organise the lives of the players as well. Brian Scoltock is her cricket-mad husband Roger, briskly patronising her and treating her as just another cog in the wheel of the game he loves.

Jilly Cowley's performance is a sheer delight as the butch Maggie, a vision in high platforms and purple tights, protecting her husband Kevin whether he needs it or not. Her nasal whine is the kind of voice that would drive you up the wall in real life but is used to superb comic effect on the stage. Neil Zoladkiewicz is Kevin, who happens to be the team's star bowler suffering from a blistered spinning finger.

Other players involved are Dennis Packham as Bob, trailing his emotional problems like chains; John Anderson is the sport but inefficient lecher Dennis; and Stephen Hannington as the conceited Alex, a solicitor who fancies himself God's gift to the team.

Ginny Clarke plays the bashful Sharon, Alex's girl friend of the moment; and Anita Solis gives a good performance as Bob's long-suffering wife Ginnie.

There are few slips in this production, and it should see the run out with flying colours.

Extracts from review by Donald Madgwick in The Croydon Advertiser as reprinted in SCENE, with permission.


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