Something Rotten (2012)

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Poster by Mark Davies

by Matthew Davies

Directed by Jess Osorio

Performances: 8pm, Tues 2nd – Sat 6th October 2012, Prompt Corner


Presented in a double bill with Close Up the Walls. New Writing Premier.

  • Marina has been sectioned for over two years now. In that time, she's made numerous suicide attempts and failed at every single one. Her only friends are Aaron, a paranoid schizophrenic convinced he's bearing the white man's burden (,) and Maggie, a nurse who's been good at her job for far too long. Life shows little sign of getting better until a young man arrives at the institute with nothing but the firm belief that he'a a famous Danish prince. Doctor Fordyce won't believe a word of it but a man could go mad trying to prove someone else is sane. Is Hamlet really crazy or is there some method in his madness?

Something Rotten was written by Matthew Davies while working at the Maudsley Hospital in south east London. This is his third play to be staged at SLT after Stiff (2009) and Brandy (2010).




Emmaus, The Hope and The Park, box office, front of house and bar volunteers, the cast and crew of Jeffrey; Mark Bullock and the cast and crew of Eternity Awaits; the Patmore family, Dave Hollander and Mark Davies.


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