House of Several Stories (2014)

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Poster by Charles Doyle

by A John Boulanger

Directed by Charles Doyle

Performances: Tue 16th – Sat 20th September 2014, Prompt Corner


I somehow came across this play whilst searching Samuel French for something that would satisfy my love of the dark and bizarre and also would be a challenge to direct. Since starting the rehearsal process, the cast and myself have been round in circles trying to understand the connections and possible other stories in the script. Needless to say, we found ourselves far, far down the rabbit hole and a little bit lost...See you on the other side.




Many thanks to: The Park, Jack the Ripper, Tooth of Crime, Clybourne Park, Nunsense and Henry V for helping with rehearsal space and reshuffling where needed. Mr A Buckman, who I feel I rather surprised this time round. Sophie for being unflappable. The cast for sewing, painting, building, doll-hunting and other escapades. Siobhan for the loan. The wonderful bar staff for watering us all. Mark & Lee for being the reliable fellows they always are. Naomi for not questioning the missing household items.

And Mr A John Boulanger, for a very intriguing script...


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