Twisted Tales for Twenty Twelve (2012)

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Poster by Dave Workman

by Various Authors

Directed by Liz Bate, Nina Cavaliero-Knox, Jetta Dorling, Juliet Holden, Dave Workman

Performances: Wed 18th – Sat 21st July 2012, Prompt Corner


To celebrate London hosting the Olympics and the many cultures that will be sharing the city over the summer, the junior and intermediate youth groups will be presenting a number of stories from across the world with contemporary and exciting 'twists'. Be they myths, folk tales or based on real events, if you think you know these stories, be prepared to look again...

The Pied Piper

(based on The Pied Piper of Hamlyn)


Phoenix Allen, Callum Balme, Paul Bernard, Lola Bengoa, Sapphy Connor, Georgina Gadian, Tiziri Hadjmahfoud, Owen Jones, Ben Keogh-Burnett, Miley McGlue, Sonny Pickering, Lola Rafferty, Finley Robertson, Lara Louise Snowdon Turnbull, Nafisa Sundari, Simis Turary and Freddie Witchell.

The Three Tourists

(based on The Three Army Surgeons by the Brothers Grimm)


Freya Hewitt, Phoebe Warren, Skye Williams, Seamus Mayo, Greta Goodwin and Lola Brocklehurst-Curry


(based on the Inuit myth of the Goddess of the Sea) Devised by the cast.


Katie Balme, Blake McKenzie, Helena Smagala, Hannah Street, Luke Suthren, Eleanor MacMillan, Ezra Odigie and Ruby Rogers.

Minding the House

(based on the Norwegian tale The Husband Who Was to Mind the House)


Louis Trevisick, Marla Luxton, Hannah Street, Amelia Rubra, Ashleigh Curry-Machado, Jamaal Johnson, Kate McAllister and Lola Brocklehurst-Curry.


The Spirit of SLT

Devised by the cast.


Ezra Odigie, Ruby Rogers, Eleanor MacMillan, Hannah Street, Katie Blame and Luke Suthren.

The Rock Star's New Album

(based on The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen)


Tabby McLachlan, Hannah Street, Anya Nash, Oscar Patron Mowat, Cleo Sherwin, Rowan Suthren and Similda Turary.

The Wedding of Thor

(taken from the Norse Poetic Edda)


Ezra Odigie, Alhena Al-Ali Douglas, Lola Brocklehurst-Curry, Louie Chapman, Zai Keogh-Burnett, Harry McAllister, Maki Zinga and Eleanor MacMillan.


With special thanks to Siobhan Campbell and Jono Gadsby

  • The cast and crew would like to extend their thanks to the following people who have helped with this production:

Parents, family and friends of the cast for supporting their young people through the rehearsal process, Alan Buckman, the cast and crew of Rosencrantz and Guildenhstern are Dead and The Secret Lives of Henry and Alice, Jess Osorio and her box office team, Matthew Lyne and the bar staff and Jeanette Hoile and the front of house staff.


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