The Secret Lives of Henry and Alice (2012)

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Poster by Shona Doyle

by David Tristram

Directed by Siobhan Campbell

Performances: 8pm, Tue 21st – Sat 25th August 2012, Prompt Corner


Meet Henry and Alice, 30-50 something’s, married, no children, one goldfish – Orca, and both slightly bored. Henry is a man of many talents, an actor, sportsman, president of the United States, secret agent, you name it (all in his head though).Alice, his long suffering wife was ‘born to be a housewife’ and really enjoys tidying up ‘Wiping off the worksurfaces. That’s the biggie. Wiping off the worksurfaces’- at least according to Henry.

In an effort to escape from the mundane reality of their lives and their marriage, both Henry and Alice like to escape into their own little fantasy worlds, often with hilarious results.Things get complicated when fantasy begins to blur into reality, and no-one, except Orca really knows what’s going on anymore....

NB. No fish were harmed during the staging of this production.



Special Thanks

This production would not have been possible without the support of family, friends and SLT mambers. Special thanks to Matthew and all those volunteers behind the bar. Jess and the Box Office team, and Jeanette and the Front of House team. Extra special thanks to Shona for making Orca look cool and keeping me sane. Thanks to Alan for climbing over things to find random props, for the ducks and a working Hoover! To Jai for coming all the way up from Bournemouth to use power tools, and a massive thanks to Gavin for being a genius and having the patience of a very patient person. Also thanks to the casts of Oh What a Lovely War and Jeffrey.


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