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The SLT Theatre Committee forms part of General Council, elected during the Annual General Meeting in May each year. Its members have the following key responsibilities:

  • To select the Gala show and invite local dignitaries to the event.
  • To allocate the budget for each production
  • To assign a Theatre rep to each show. The role of the theatre rep is to liaise between the show director and the committee, to ensure the production runs to time and budget and within the safety regulations of the theatre.
  • To coordinate the room allocation for the following year, providing rehearsal space for productions within the theatre building.

In the past, Theatre Committee has been split between the two spaces, with a separate Prompt Corner Administrator (PCA), but from 2007 onwards, a combined approach to the season is taken.

Previous Theatre Committee Members


Maria Bates | Jenny Gammon | Steve Imrie (nominally PCA) | Jack King


Mark Bullock (to Jan 2008) | Naomi Liddle (from Jan 2008) | Catherine Ellis | Dave Hollander (nominally PCA) | Jack King


Naomi Liddle | Catherine Ellis | Dave Hollander | Jack King


Naomi Liddle | Dave Hollander | Ruth Huggett | Lisa Thomas


Naomi Liddle | Dave Hollander | Jack King | Lisa Thomas


Naomi Liddle | Dave Hollander | Jack King | Lisa Thomas