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This page details the process by which prospective directors submit a play or plays for production as part of the SLT annual season.


In June each year, the Theatre Committee invites submissions of plays to be performed in the following year. In August, committee members meet to discuss all the submissions and put together the season.

How To Submit A Play

Directors should submit plays using the online form <ref>Submissions 2014 - online form on Main SLT website</ref>. A copy of the playscript must either be given to a theatre committee member or posted in Box Office with the submission form.

Directors are limited to two submissions each

There are no specific guidelines as to what sort of plays can or should be submitted. The list of SLT Productions on this site demonstrates how varied previous seasons have been, and the theatre committee is keen to remain flexible and consider all suggestions.

New Directors

The Theatre Committee is always glad to receive submissions from people who have never directed before, but have a burning desire to do so. In many seasons, there is a New Directors' Showcase<ref>See New Directors' Showcases in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007</ref>, in which a number of new directors can try their hand at a one-act piece before submitting a full-length play in a subsequent year. However, in some years (e.g. 2008) new directors' shows are interspersed with other shows throughout the season.

New directors can email production related questions to the committee.

New Writing

At different times over the years, SLT has been a hot-bed of new writing talent. Submissions of new scripts can happen as part of the normal submissions process (that is, submitted by the director), or as a script alone. For an untried piece, a series of readings and workshops is highly recommended for script development.

There is also scope for submitting devised theatre pieces - by their very nature, such performances are not scripted at submissions time. However, a clear idea of the end result is important when judging the piece as suitable for the season.

Any enquires about new writing can be emailed directly to theatre committee



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