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SLTC Member 1992-1994

David John is a Welsh graphic artist and author, currently resident in Berlin, Germany.

Acting Roles

Productions as Playwright/Director

Productions as Assistant Stage Manager

Productions as Set Designer & Builder

Work outside SLT

As graphic artist David John has undertaken a variety of commissions, including book and periodical illustrations, short animations and videos, murals in paint and mosaic as well as designs for books, newspapers, magazines, posters, postcards, websites and CD covers.

His preferred milieu is the world of performance, film and music. Although he remains mainly backstage, as designer, publicist, photographer, playwright, producer or director, he has occasionally been known to step onto the platform as actor and even singer.

He has appeared in numerous, plays, comic operas, musicals and films, and has voiced-over for movies and commercials.

He has worked with innumerable performance projects, including: Up Club (Bangor, Wales), ROSTRA (University of Wales), Keyhole Kate's Magic Theatre (London), Mask Theatre (London), Magic Biscuit Theatre Company (London), Oval Theatre (London), Royal Court Theatre (London), Theatro Nucleo Eclectico (Harvard University, USA), Floorboards Theatre (London), The Roundhouse (London), YUCK (Youthful Union for Cultural Kudos, Athens, Greece), Happening Productions (Athens, Greece), Cabaret at the Copper (London), Plastic Jesus Tour (London), South London Theatre (London), Out To Lunch Theatre (Berlin, Germany), Friends of Italian Opera (Berlin, Germany), Pearls Theatre Festival (Berlin, Germany), Berliner Grundtheater (Berlin, Germany)...

He has also worked for many years on projects with the musician Hugh Featherstone, whom he hails as "one of the best songwriters in the English language".

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