Filumena (1993)

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Poster by David John

by Eduardo de Filippo English version by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall

Directed by Leslie Lidyard

Performances: Tue 12th – Sat 16th March 1993, Bell Theatre


The action of the play takes place in Domenico Soriano's house.




"It's a bit like the Three Tenors concert at SLTC this week. " Neopolitan songs while away the time before the curtain goes up. When it does so, Eduardo de Filippo's Neopolitan comedy comes across as strangely operatic in character, with big, florid solos, duets and static ensembles. " Translated by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall, the charming story about an ex-whore who finally brings a wealthy former client to the altar is worthy of a score by Donizetti in his Don Pasquale vein. " It opens on a scena tempestosa, with Domenico berating Filumena in accents of sound and fury signifying very little, and closes on a kind of reconciliatory chorus, featuring three sons and a clutch of servants, as the two finally get married. " Leslie Lidyard directs this drama giocoso with a florish. Dennis Packham's posturing and windy rhetoric as Domenico being made to look suitably ridiculous by Ruth Shettle's beautifully poised and dignified Filumena. " Her sons, while all having personalities of their own, come across collectively as a comic trio: David John the self-important shopkeeper, Russell Bartlett the lumbering plumber and Greg Davis the studious one who qualifies as an accountant. " Well to the fore in a lively supporting cast, Frances Walker gives a performance of some charm and grace as the old retainer Rosalia, ironically thanking an inattentive Derek West, as her fellow servant Alfredo, for listening to her life history. " Mark S Dhaliwal's quirky contribution also lingers in the memory as Nocella, one of those dry, pedantic lawyers who used to take the subsidiary tenor roles in opera buffa."

Donald Madgwick, The Advertiser, Friday, March 19th, 1993.


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Note that the framed picture on stage (on the left side of the photos) would re-appeare as the poster for Les Liaisons Dangereuses (2001) <references/>

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