I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon (1994)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by David John & Roger Greatorex

Directed by David John

Performances: Fri 29th – Sun 31st July 1994, Prompt Corner


Set in the 23rd century the play depicts an automatic spaceship transporting emigrants from Earth to a distant colony planet. The passengers are frozen in cryogenic suspension tanks, and the vessel functions are controlled by the sentient computer system "Ship".

Early into the ten-year voyage "Ship" notices that one of the cryo-tanks has developed a fault, leaving Vic Kemmings' body still in frozen suspension but his mind in a semiconscious state.

Ill-equipped for such an eventuality, the hapless "Ship" has to keep Vic's mind occupied for the remaining years of the journey otherwise he will go insane.

The play is arranged in 21 short scenes and the action switches back and forth between six locations: aboard the ship, Vic's childhood home (backyard and living room), Vic & Martine's marital home, a spaceport on the colony planet LR4-6 and a hotel room on the planet LR4-6.




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