Two Gentlemen of Verona (2002)

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Poster by Stuart Draper

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Stuart Draper

Performances: 13 - 16 February 2002, Prompt Corner


Taking the friendship between Valentine and Proteus a little further than traditional productions, and utilising the pop group Steps as its soundtrack, the production saw Jack King, Alan Jarvis and Jay Michaels camping it up as three gay bandits, Matthew Lyne being upstaged by a puppet, and Kay Anderson (née Dobby) and Rachel Seabury getting it on as the lesbian lovers Sylvia and Julia.

The play was subsequently reworked and adapted and produced professionally by Melmoth Productions, again with Draper directing.





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This was the first thing I ever saw at SLT, really impressed me with its ambition and vision, and opened up a whole world of possibility. Kat

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