Summer (1989)

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by Edward Bond

Directed by Bill Merrow

Performances: Fri 17th – Sun 19th February 1989, Prompt Corner


"Summer" is set in Eastern Europe in and around a house overlooking the sea. It centres on an encounter between two women, whose pasts are terribly bound up with the German wartime occupation of the town and nearby islands. Forty years ago, Xenia's family threw dinner parties for the German officers in that very house; Martha, the family servant, was taken prisoner along with many of the townspeople and condemned to be shot. Only Xenia's intervention save Martha's life.

But now, Xenia lives in England and Martha still lives in the house. Xenia's visit - and the news that Martha is dying of an incurable disease - provokes a searing re-appraisal of the meaning of past events and of the present.




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Reminiscences and Anecdotes

This was the SLTC's first production of an Edward Bond play.

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