Radiant Vermin (2019)

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Poster by Bryon Fear

by Philip Ridley

Directed by Jack King

Performances: Tue 8th – Sat 12th January 2019, Old Fire Station


Expectant parents Ollie and Jill fantasise about their dream home, far away from the squalor of their council flat. Then one day a mysterious letter arrives, presenting them with an opportunity to do just that, but at what cost?




Thanks to Mark Ireson, Sean Thomas, Dennis Pettigrew, Kay George, Bryon Fear, Jess Osorio, Rob Tavernier, Barry Heselden and David Carr for their help in getting into the space. Thanks to the front of house and box office teams, and to our theatre rep., Naomi Liddle and Joel Thomas. Thanks to the staff at The Hope for the additional rehearsal space


Over the years, the South London Theatre has produced a huge variety of plays. There have been some good ones, some very good ones and, to be honest, some downright stinkers. Well, you can't get it right every time, can you? But their current production, "Radiant Vermin" is in a league of its own. It describes itself as "a darkly comic tale" but that really doesn't do it justice. The basic premise of the play is dark. Very dark. But it is not "comic". It is hysterically funny. You know you shouldn't be laughing at certain points, but you just can't help yourself. With absolutely no set, the cast bring their characters to life with some beautifully pitched performances. The energy the cast put into it ensures it belts along at a hell of a pace. If you do find yourself looking at your watch, it is because you sincerely hope the play isn't about to end.

Chris Vian-Smith

Had the pleasure of doing front of house and therefore getting to see Radiant Vermin this evening. What an absolutely brilliant show! Superb play, immaculate production and blistering performances! Congratulations to everyone involved

Mike Smart

Radiant Vermin... Where to begin? Encapsulating, astonishing, brilliantly performed. Rest of the season better step up, because this set the bar so high you can barely see it. If you're entertaining the idea of doing something else instead of seeing this, do not do that thing. It really is that good.

Daniel Kelly

A great show, with barnstorming performances!

Tom Melly

Many congratulations to the cast and crew of Radiant Vermin, it was a tightly-rehearsed, energetic production with excellent performances. Do see it if you can - it’s hilarious!

Gabriel Nicklin

"Radiant Vermin" is a fantastic start to the 2019 season, with stand out performances from Natasha K Stone and George Nettleton, and (as always) absolutely impeccable thought and detail from Caroline Doyle. Jack King's direction brings out every unsettling, hilarious, weird, moving nuance. Hard to explain! Just book a ticket and find out for yourself.

Audrey Lindsay

Super start to the season with this fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining play. Two outstandingly virtuosic perfromances from George and newcomer Natasha, and it was great to see Caroline back on stage in smaller but all-important roles. The evening sped by, and the audience was engaged throughout. I loved seeing the story brought to life without the help of scenery props etc. Well done Jack for choosing this - it was great! #BEAD

Helen Jones

The high praise for “Radiant Vermin” is all thoroughly deserved. Powerfully good and very funny performances; a real pleasure to witness, and a fine introduction to the theatre space for a complete newcomer. Thank you Vermin Company, and Natasha and George, you were awesome.

Chris Lilly

A brilliant show this evening, get booking peeps, not one to miss!

David Carr

Funny, disturbing and moving. January blues be damned, cracking start to the year. Congratulations to Jack and the Radiant Vermin team #BEAD

Steph Urquhart

Radiant Vermin: definitely worth a watch!

Matthew Lyne

What a brilliant start to the 2019 season.

Carole Coyne

Radiant Vermin absolutely not shit! Wonderful show. Don’t miss!! #BEAD

Bryon Fear

those Vermin are magnificently Radiant #BEAD

Mark Ireson


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