Othello (2002)

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Poster by Will Howard

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Will Howard

Performances: Wed 11th – Sat 14th September 2002, Prompt Corner


Othello, a black Moor and general in the service of Venice regarded in high esteem, has eloped with Desdemona, daughter of Senator Brabanzia. Iago, Othello's ensign, aspires to rise in the ranks, but when Othello promotes the Florentine Michael Cassio to the position of personal lieutenant, Iago sets forth on the path of revenge against both Othello and Cassio. An enraged Brabanzia confronts Othello and Desdemona, before Othello is ordered to fight the Turkish fleet, which is invading Cyprus. Throughout, watching from the sidelines, Iago realises he has the perfect opening and enlists Roderigo, a former suitor of Desdemona, to become a pawn in his schemes.

The action moves from these fractious beginnings to rest in Cyprus, where Othello is sent to take the Office of Governor. A temporary peace is gained with the defeat of the invading Turks, and all is set fair.

Making use of everyone around him, Iago's underhand dealings begin so take shape, and one by one Othello's friendships are shaken, loosening his powerbase - until Iago strikes at the core of Othello's world - his wife, Desdemona. But ultimately what is the cost to Iago, and all those surrounding him?

Shakespeare's classic tragedy is a hugely challenging and rewarding piece of theatre, ideally suited to the intimacy of Prompt Corner - ensuring a tense and claustrophobic evenings entertainment.




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