Oh, What a Lovely War (1979)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by Theatre Workshop, Charles Chilton and the original cast

Directed by Jill Clark

Performances: Sat 7th – Sat 14th July 1979, Main Stage


Text about the play




'"OH, WHAT A LOVELY WAR" at the South London Theatre Centre attracted packed houses. The way people survive in times of war and the gaiety they create in tragic circumstances came over vividly in Jill Clark's production. Mrs Clark also designed the sets. There was abundant enthusiasm, some excellent performances and overall the show bore favourable comparison with Joan Littlewood's original of 16 years ago. The musical director, Donald Halliday, skilfully co-ordinated matters and the immortal songs touched the hearts of the elderly members of the audience. The cast was to be congratulated for tackling several parts in the course of the evening. It was, in alphabetical order, John Adams, Bozena Borzyskowska, Maddy Cordwell, John Harris, Alan Johnston, Sally Lill, Matthew Lyne, Ann Mattey, Adrian McLoughlin, Bruce Murray, Dennis Packham, John Rogers, Mikael Rust, Wally Ross-Gower, Harry Sanders, Richard Thomas, Philip Tong and Annette Wiseman.

J.M.E. (Croydon Advertiser}


Reminiscences and Anecdotes

One night when Debby Parrett's twin sister Vicky was in the audience members of the cast who saw were worried about who would help them in fast costume changes thinking it was Debby who was out there.I didn't even see any similarity between them and wondered who she was when she went backstage to find her sister.

Brian Fretwell

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