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Poster by Poster Designer

by Stephen Fry

Directed by Peter Fortune

Performances: Thu 9th - Sat 11th August 2001, Prompt Corner


This is a rather mediocre play that you shouldn't really bother coming to see. It is, however, customary to write a brief descriptive outline of what one can expect to see in an upcoming show: this then in published in SCENE and on the website for all the world to see. Damn didn't think of that. "Struggle" is a word, the fact that it is a word makes it very useful in the next sentence, as we shall see. The struggle with writing a sales pitch for this particular play lies in the fact that it has not one redeemable feature. Two schoolmasters, one called Dominic Clarke, the other not, bicker ... that's about it.

If you insist on coming to sit through this dribble you can expect to see Jack King limply wobbling around the stage, forgetting his lines and completely failing to capture the role of Dominic Clarke. The other teacher (who's name shall remain a secret to try to build up a little suspense) is older than Clarke and therefore it seemed right and proper to cast Alan Buckman. Between them, they shall, weakly, attempt to portray Public School masters preparing boys for their Common Entrance exams. Peter Fortune's direction, on the other hand, is one of foresight and brilliance. We can all appreciate the Herculean effort it would have taken to construct something - anything - out of the offal he had to work with. Might I suggest that letters are sent to the appropriate authorities so that he may receive some official citation.

This is a truly awful rendition of an amazingly poor play. There now follows a list of other things you could be doing on the August nights between 9th & 11th.

  1. Wash the car,
  2. Wash yourself,
  3. Start writing your novel,
  4. Prepare a pagan festival to celebrate the new moon on 19th August,
  5. Take up canoeing - British Canoe Union, John Dudderidge house, Adbolton Lane, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 5AS ....
  6. ....ask for Paul Owen

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