Gosforth's Fête (2008)

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by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Louisa Evans


  • Clapham Common Bandstand - 7th and 14th June 2008, 4pm
  • South London Theatre Members' Club (instead of the roof due to bad weather) - 11th, 12th & 13th July, 2008
  • Lambeth Country Show - 19th July 2008


Abridged from the Wikipedia entry:

Gosforth's Féte is a one-act play originally part of a production called Confusions which consisted of five one-act plays written in 1974 by Alan Ayckbourn.

Publican Gosforth's running the village gala, but there's bad personal news from stalwart Milly Carter over the public-address system. Pink-legged Cubmaster Stewart Stokes discovers alcohol, there's a fine vicar, and Councillor Mrs Piece gets severely dishevelled. And that's before the rain. Gosforth's Fete starts as drama, develops into well-choreographed chaos as everything goes wrong and climaxes as full-blown farce. <ref>Gosforth's Féte on Wikipedia</ref>




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Very good play, I found it really interesting. we are currently studying it at college and performaing it at an actual fete :-)


From the Clapham Common Bandstand performance, 7th June.

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