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Located in the basement of the theatre, underneath the foyer it is actually still the SLTC Members' Club Bar despite the previous sign "Theatre Bar" above the door and an attempt to name it the "Clanger Bar" to go with the Bell theatre. The latter shows the folly of putting naming into a competition.

The bar also contained a traditional brass bell (presented to us by the London Fire Brigade occasion of the naming of the Bell Theatre) that as well as being able to be rung by moving the clanger manually also could also be rung remotely from behind the bar. However, the automatic mechanism rather than causing a nice "ding" later made a rather muted "dunk", so more often than not someone rang it manually to call time. After the refurbishment its location is unknown.

The Members Club was the first part of the centre to come into full use (we were then known as the South London Theatre Centre) and opened to the membership in May 1967. After all those doing the conversion and later rehearsing for the first production had to have somewhere to relax after all their hard work. The original small bar counter was replaced by the current one over a Christmas closure in the mid 1970's.

Under the restoration programme the Members' Club has had a new bar counter fitted, an enlarged cellar and lift access provided. The Green Room has been lost to provide the main building toilets, which are of a much improved standard to the old ones. Currently the Members' Club is awaiting finishing off, as display fitting has been finished, this is progressing as speedily as the committee can fit work in. The area has been carpeted and and decoration of the walls commenced, when that is complete refurnishing is next on the list as currently a mix of the old seating and theatre props is being used. It is open most nights and it is hoped it will be open every night soon.

It had a small room attached known as "the Green room", previously the office and the Games Room was is used for wide array of purposes including meetings, read-thoughs and auditions and had stairs up to the Foyer or Stage Manager's Room. During the renovation the "Green Room" was extended and replaced with the main building toilets, the fire escape was enlarged and a toilet for diabled people was installed where the old electrical inlet/meter room was.