Burglary for Beginners (2008)

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Poster by Steve Merchant

by Jem Solak

Directed by Paula Kelly & Jem Solak

Performances: Tuesday 5th to Saturday 9th August 2008, Bell Theatre

Performed with Bang, You're Dead! as a double bill.


Jack is a professional, one of the best in the business. Now he’s reluctantly taken on an apprentice, his nephew Oliver, who wants to learn the finer points of the family business. But on-the-job training is never simple when your business is burglary!

It should have been an uncomplicated job – breaking into the house of a wealthy art dealer to liberate some particularly valuable stamps: tidy, profitable, the perfect crime. But when things don’t go quite according to plan, Jack finds himself tutoring an incompetent accomplice while arguing the finer points of art appreciation, entertaining some unexpected guests and learning more about cooking than he ever wanted to know.

And there’s still the little matter of a safe to be cracked …




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