Vincent River (2010)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by Philip Ridley

Directed by Jack King

Performances: Tue 18th – Sat 22nd May 2010, Prompt Corner


You know how you tell you’re getting older? Questions people ask. Family stuff mainly. When you’re a kid it’s, ‘How’s your Mum?’ A bit older – about your age - it’s ‘You got a boyfriend yet?’ Then ‘You courting yet?’ Then, ‘How’s your husband?’ ‘Got any children yet?’ ‘Got any grandchildren yet?’ No one ever asks ‘Is your son dead yet?’

Davey has a secret but what will be the consequences of sharing it? Anita is looking for answers but will finding them provide resolution? Their paths are about to cross with devastating results.

Vincent River is a darkly humorous and heartbreaking play about love, loss and the lies we tell ourselves just to get by.



Special thanks to Yeatman and Sons, Lisa Thomas and all on TC, GC, The Bar, box office, Carole Coyne, Alan Buckman, Chas Doyle, Mark Ireson and the cast and crews of The Comedy Of Errors, Carry On and Skellig.


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