The World's Wife (2017)

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Poster by Bryon Fear

by Carol Ann Duffy

Directed by Jess Osorio

Assistant director - Matthew Davies

Performances: Tue 9th – Sat 13th May 2017, Upper Hall, Stanley Halls


The play is set in ancient times and the modern day.

The poems are based on Greek and other myths etc. and are as follows:-

1. Mrs Beast, 2. Mrs Rip Van Winkle, 3. Little Redcap, 4. Frau Freud, 5. Anne Hathaway, 6. Demeter, 7. Queen Kong, 8. Mrs Tiresias, 9. Mrs Midas, 10 Mrs Faust, 11. Mrs Icarus, 12. Elvis's Twin Sister, 13. Pope Joan, 14. Kray Sisters, 15. Mrs Quasimodo, 16. Mrs Darwin.


17. Mrs Lazarus, 18. Pygmalion's Bride, 19. Mrs Aesop, 20. Circe, 21. Penelope, 22. Queen Herod, 23. Pilate's Wife, 24 Eurydice, 25. Thetis, 26. Medusa, 27 Delilah, 28. Salome, 29. Mrs Sisyphus, 30. The Devil's Wife.




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Photos by Phil Gammon - click here to view

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