New Directors' Showcase (2002)

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Poster by Stuart Draper

Performances: Tue 7th - Sat 11th May 2002, Bell Theatre

The New Directors' Showcase featured 2 contrasting one-act productions.

The Cagebirds

By David Campton

Directed by Peter Loftus


This classic one act offering by playwright David Campton captures, in one extraordinary moment in time, the surreal existence of seven ladies: The Cagebirds. Kept in a secure and controlled environment by The Mistress, the already fragile lifestyle of the birds is interrupted and threatened by the introduction into their midst of The Wild One.

The destiny of The Wild One rests not only in the hands of The Mistress, but with the six existing cohabiting birds: The Regular Thump, The Long Tongued Gossip, The Great Guzzler, The Constant Twitting, The Mirror Eyed Gazer and The Medicated Gloom. Frustration, anger, sadness and much humour weave through this play leading, ultimately, to an inevitable but unexpected outcome.


The Monkey's Paw

By Jonathan Holloway

Adapted from a short story by W W Jacobs

Directed by Andy Revel


It is a cold and stormy night in the late 1940s. Mr and Mrs White and their son Herbert are waiting in the kitchen for their good friend, Sergeant-Major Morris, to arrive for dinner. When he finally arrives he has an unexpected present: a monkey's paw - is it just a good luck charm or something far more sinister?


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