The Farndale ... Macbeth (2005)

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Poster by Steve Marchant

by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr

Designed & Directed by Alan Buckman

Performances: Tue 5th – Sat 9th July 2005, Bell Theatre


Have you ever seen a really terrible Am Dram show, where everything is wrong, from the ridiculous casting to the pretentious programme? Where everything goes wrong, from the introductory music, through the collapsing set, via the hopeless sound and lighting effects to the inept and unrehearsed curtain call? Well now is your chance to witness such a production!

Seven ladies of the Farndale... Society attempt to put on a full-scale Macbeth with disastrous - and therefore hilarious - results. Also getting involved are three men; the much harried director, the stage manager (who ends up with much more on his plate than just his back stage duties) and the adjudicator who is here to judge whether the production should go on to the finals in an Am Dram festival.

It is the art of coarse acting with knobs on.

During a previous production of this play a member of the audience was heard to mutter, "You musn't laugh. They're only amateurs - they're doing their best." He actually thought he was watching a genuine amateur attempt at Macbeth - believing that this was what all amateur theatre is like. This is exactly the idea that this play is sending up.

Cast For the South London Theatre



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