Sunday Night Sessions (2011)

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The quarterly Sunday Night Sessions continued in 2011. As in 2010, they were compered by MC Simon Holland. Janet Low took over the organisation from James Webb

January 2011

April 2011

The following acts performed:

The Wind Quartet - Kathryn Ramsay (Bassoon), Michelle Thomson (Oboe), Caroline Doyle (Clarinet), Penny Thomas (Flute); conducted by Catherine Ellis.

Poetry by Katrina Naomi

The SLT Singers - Michelle Thomson conducting, with Lionel Monks, Adam Crook, Dave Hollander (Bass), Helen Chadney, Gavin Parker, Chaz Doyle (Tenor), Anna Callender, Kathryn Ramsay (Alto), Alice Lowe, Shona Doyle, and Ruth Huggett (Soprano). Accompaniment provided by Andrew Chadney

Folk songs by Michelle Thomson and Clodagh Reynolds

Shakespearean sonnets by Christopher Poke

Song & dance number by Jenni Chadney, accompanied by Andrew Chadney

Frank Sinatra rendition by Oliver Retter

A reading from 'Little Dorrit' by Michael Wilson

Poetry & music by Anthony Campling

Songs from 'Tripod' by Chaz Doyle and Adam Crook

Technical set up and management were provided by Ri Iyovwaye and Gavin Parker.