Shirley Valentine (1997)

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Poster by Jeanette Hoile

by Willy Russell

Directed by John Hartnett

Performances: Tue 4th – Sat 8th March 1997, Bell Theatre


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Reminiscences and Anecdotes

Stage-Managing this was hard, physical work. Each night we prayed that the audience would be slow to finish their interval drinks and give us a few more minutes to bring about a miraculous transformation.

First, we had to dismantle a Liverpool kitchen. This was two sides of a room (in a 'V') fitted out with cooker, cupboards, larder, fridge, pots, pans, an opening door, table, chairs - everything including the kitchen sink, in fact - and take up the tiled floor. All the movables had to be dragged off towards the SM's room, as the set in the second half of the play went all the way back to the cyc. Then the kitchen had to be unbuckled at the point of the 'V'. One half was pushed back - it was on castors - and the other half was (very carefully!) swung round, revealing a Greek villa painted on its reverse.

Then came the sweaty bit! Half a ton of damp builders' finest had to be shovelled from the Flat Bay onto the stage (painted blue under the kitchen tiles), huge boulders placed, and then a sack of dry sand emptied over a good part of the damp sand to give an authentic impression of the high-water mark. A few tubs of climbing plants round the door of the villa, a last-minute squirt of lemon air freshener over the tabs, to be wafted over the audience as the tabs went back, and - hey presto! Greece in fifteen minutes!

Jill Davies

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