Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens (2010)

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Poster by Poster Designer

by Charlotte Mann

Directed by Sean Chapman Assisted by Lee Ridgeway

Musical Director - Gerard Johnson

Performances: Tue 21-25 September 2010, Prompt Corner


In a future universe consumed by eco-wars and the persecution of plastic, a notorious planet, Frottage III, offers refuge to the depraved in the shape of Saucy Jack's - a dark and seedy cabaret club presided over by the alluring and charismatic Saucy Jack himself. Here a vagabond cast of cabaret artistes perform twice nightly for a clientèle who, largely, are far more interested in their own clandestine affairs than the entertainment laid on by their host, Saucy Jack. However, all is not well at Saucy Jack's - danger lurks in every corner. Jack's cabaret performers are being picked off one by one by a ruthless serial killer - the only clue is the heel of a sequinned Sling back thrust into the chest of each victim. But, in true showbiz fashion, the show must go on!<ref>Saucy Jack on Wikipedia</ref>

With a pumping disco soundtrack and outrageous costumes, this should be a lot of fun!


Pre-show artistes


  • 'Saucy' Jack De 'Ath - Former stage magician who, with glamorous assistant Honey Tipps, was the toast of cabaret throughout the galaxy. Now, fallen on harder times, he's the proprietor of Saucy Jack's Cabaret Bar. Alluring, charming and ruthless - evil, almost without redemption.
  • Honey Tipps/Jubilee Climax - Leader of the Vixens. The quintessential Space Vixen - tough- talking, crime-fighting and a little icy to boot.
  • Bunny Lingus - Space Vixen. Devoted to the cause - if there's a crime, she'll fight it. Been around the block a few times. Big hearted with a bit of a thing for motorbikes.
  • Anna Labia - Space Vixen. New recruit on her first mission, keen to make a good impression. Astrology plays a big part in her life and she's for looking that special someone - preferably a Virgo! Also seems to have a weakness for hot sax!
  • Booby Shevalle - Cocktail waitress at Saucy Jack's. If she ever was glamorous it's long since faded. Dreams of getting out and becoming a Space Vixen.
  • Shirley Tristar/Chesty Prospects - Intergalactic plastics smuggler and no-nonsense biker chick. Takes it where she can get it - whatever it is.
  • Sammy Sax - House saxophonist. Talented, gullible and lacking in confidence and drive - in fact could be described as a bit wet. Dreams of finding love and success but is unlikely to find either at Saucy Jack's.
  • Dr Wilhelm von Whackoff - Half Psychoanalyst, half bar-fly, half weirdo! Seems to have more than a passing interest in Mitch, the barman. Somewhat Freudian
  • Mitch Maypole - Barman at Saucy Jack's. Pretty and always ready with a sympathetic ear or a friendly word, he also mixes a mean Zargon Slicer. A consummate barman he seems to be hiding some sort of secret.
  • Vulva Savannah




it's around about this time of year that we're able to look and see what a well-balanced season Theatre Committee have put together.

You've had gritty dramas, you've had classic pieces, you've had classic style feel-good plays and there's been a couple of both madcap and dark comedies thrown in to boot.

And now you have Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens. It stands alone in a way. Partly because it's the only musical, but also because it is in a genre of its own.

Set in a galaxy, far far away, it encompasses crude and silly humour, lots of glitter and disco and generally heaps of tongue in cheek fun.

This production has fab costumes, set and lighting, and the crew - who have all worked incredibly hard - should be proud. On top of that, it is well cast with great performances. Bonus!

You may not think it's your cup of tea, and it may not be. But it is a show that really comes alive on stage, as I can confirm having seen the first dress run tonight. There are a number of great new members giving sterling performances, but also familiar faces doing the same.

Even if you don't think it's your type of show, it is worth seeing for some of those familiar faces playing against type. Particularly Alan Brown, from whom tonight I certainly saw something I never had before.

Ruth Huggett

We know this kind of thing isn't everyone's bag of tea but I challenge even the hardest of hearts not to raise a giggle at this show (especially THAT song in act 2!). Yes it's silly and childish, but what's wrong with that? The show is FUN! Enjoy it for what it is.

There's some cracking performances going on with some quite superb singing voices, particularly from the girls (I'm counting Boobie in that praise).

Ant Martin

t was absolutely brilliant! Great performances all round that had the audience in fits of laughter, singing along, cheering the goodies and booing the baddies. HUGE congratulations to Sean and the cast and crew - you really pulled it off (snigger, singger!).


horoughly enjoyed the show last night - big congratulations to Sean, Lee, and the excellent cast and crew. The audience were having a ball and I hope you get the sell-out houses you deserve.


I really enjoyed the first night - such wicked fun! PLEASE PLEASE run to see it.

Well done all. The choreography especially in that very small space is fabulous!


What a hoot! Loved this romp. I think this is one of those shows that I would never go and see in the professional theatre, because it's not something I'd want to spend good money on (musicals not being my bag). But the beauty of SLT is that you can get to see shows which are so good, as this was, and with such a wealth of talent. The show on Saturday was fab., and the audience all appeared to enjoy the final scenes, some more than others ;o) Best of luck for the rest of the run.


Whoopie! Thank you for a fantastic show on Saturday. We had such a laugh and were so impressed by the singing, costumes (and lack of...ahem!)and hair! Do NOT miss the caberet which starts at 7:30pm and try to get 'Steve's table' - far right. Well done to you all! (I'm hoping those gorgeous SLT Newbies stay).


Argh! Desperately trying to get a pass out from my old man for tonight as I so want to see this again!

This is how musicals at SLT should be done! Thank you for a great night!

Steve Imrie


Tremendous fun. Thanks to you all. You gave it so much energy and enthusiasm and carried us all with you. It would be lovely to have an SLT-sized musical like this every year.

A special mention should go to Paul Michaels' brilliant sign language interpretation. He managed to make one of James Hough's delightfully rude cabaret songs even ruder and could easily start another career as a dancer.


I agree with Carole. :-)


Have to admit Saucy Jack isn’t normally my thing. And there are certainly things that could be picked at if one was in a critical frame of mind (mostly with the story/script … but maybe that’s part of its ‘charm’). But, that having been said, I truly enjoyed this production and am very glad I went.

I think Theatre Committee has to be commended for having the courage (dare I say ‘sauciness?) to allow this on the schedule. It’s an obvious commercial success for SLT. (Anyone with a little foresight and a speculative spirit could have made a killing scalping tickets.)

The Director and Crew are to be congratulated on getting the most out of limited resources and space. SLT has surprised again with excellent production values in the face of such scarce resources. At one point, teeny, tiny, little Prompt was hosting a rave. (At least, I think that’s what it looked like … I’ve never been to one, but have heard tell …)

And the Cast … A real treat to see such quality in all the new faces. The entire cast really bought into the … absurdity of the experience and threw themselves at it wholeheartedly. Their enthusiasm was infectious and it is an audience member that is physically or spiritually comatose that wasn’t, at some point, titillated or amused … or appalled, as the case may be, and tapping their toes to the music.

And, talk about courage! I wouldn’t have gotten into one particular costume locked alone in a dark cupboard. A locked cupboard in an abandoned house on an uninhabited island in the middle of a vast ocean … on a moonless night.

Not to neglect, the Cabaret warm-up was worth the price of admission alone – great voices and fabulous humour. You don’t want to miss the 7:30 start of the Cabaret. Some sexy ladies, one saucy man and a great mood-setter.

And, lastly, I’m sure I would have enjoyed this show regardless, but that fella doing the signing! No disrespect to the cast, but you guys should be aware he was stealing some of your scenes! He needs to be signed up as the SLT resident signer for all comedies … or drop all pretence and just cast him in a show.

So, thanks to all for a great night. And, if you haven’t got tickets, go on stand-by (we got in on stand-by last night.) This is definitely a fun night out.


Well done all on your energy and commitment bringing this fabulously silly piece to life. I had lots of fun.

James Russ

I loved this play so much. After seeing it four times, I will miss it. The cast were absolutely fantastic and all so talented. I think you'll all go on to do amazing things. The music and direction were excellent. Well done Sean and cast. I think you'll go down in SLT history for shaking it up a bit


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