Moby Dick (1983)

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by Michael Green & Michael Langridge adapted from the novel by Herman Melville

Directed by Charlie Cheetham

Performances: Sat 25th June 1983, Bell Theatre


A short "coarse acting play" cast, rehearsed, set built, lights rigged, sound recorded and costumed in 24hrs as a fundraising "Play in a Day"

About the play, from the programme:-

Michael Green and Michael Langridge's dramatisation of one of America's finest epic romances of the sea is achieved with consumate skill and economy. In the space of much less than an hour the tragic story unfolds of the vengeful quest for the redoubtable Moby Dick by Captain Ahab, across three-quarters of the globe and the final triumph of the prodigious terror-whale of the Pacific.

Moby Dick is deservedly absolved of mortality. We can but dream that the hero still swims the world unconquered - that he is ubiquitous in time and space. There is madness and strangeness in this memorable adaptation and the impact on the imagination is unforgettable




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Reminiscences and Anecdotes

Notes in Programme - "Play-in-a-Day" :-

At nine o'clock last night the company, comprising three teams: technical, acting and wardrobe, met at the theatre. Then, for the first time, they were told the title of the play which is being presented this evening.

They were left with exactly 24 hours in which to lean lines, rehearse, make props, sew costumes, build and paint sets, etc. Meanwhile behind the scenes, countless otheres beavered away to ensure the entire operation ran smoothly. Not least of these were the stalwarts who provided victuals throughout the 24 hrs.

We hope through this sponsored marathon to raise at least £1,000 for the theatre's funds.

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