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SLTC Member 1980 - 1981

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Acting Roles


Jim , the son of actor, Gordon Clyde, has gone on to appear in the TV series: Made in Heaven, Cluedo (1990); Maigret (1992); In Suspicious Cicumstances, Between the Lines (1993); Back up (1995); Wokenwell (1997); New Tricks (2008); The Bill (1996 - 2008); Above Suspicion: Deadly Intent (2011) and the films: Croupier (1998), The Honeytrap (2002), Boudica (2003) & Anonymous (2011) as King James I.

Jim is currently (Aug 2014) appearing as Mr Wormwood in 'Matilda' at the Cambridge Theatre, Earlham St.

I also suspect he appeared on TV in London Bridge but for some reason it is not mentioned on his IMDB page.

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