Dinner (2008)

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Poster by Mark Davies

by Moira Buffini

Directed by Elaine Heath

Performances: Tue 16th - Sat 20th September 2008, Prompt Corner


Imagine a woman with the sex appeal of Nigella Lawson, the acidic wit of Fanny Craddock and the strength of Gordon Ramsey. This is our hostess, Paige.

Paige is throwing a dinner party for her husband and four friends to celebrate his latest book – a rather pretentious philosophical life-style guide. She has taken great pains to produce a suitable menu, in keeping with her theme and has stage-managed the event with meticulous care.

But why has she chosen these particular friends, these unusual and peculiar dishes, and who is the mysterious and enigmatic waiter that she has hired from the Internet?

As this strange dinner party unfolds, you her extra guests, will be taken on a rollercoaster ride of dark, but very well mannered and coldly civilised revelations...




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