Dick Whittington (2009)

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Poster by Charles Doyle

by Charles Doyle

Directed by Charles Doyle

Performances: Tue 8th – Sat 19th December 2009, Bell Theatre


Dick Whittington is out to seek his fortune! He’s off to London with his faithful cat Puss and hopes to make some money, meet the girl of his dreams, and who knows, maybe even someday be the Lord Mayor. However, things are never that easy, with the evil King Rat framing our hero for theft and the local constabulary on his tail, how will Dick clear his name and win the heart of his girl?


  • King Basil II, Great Overlord of the Rats - James Hough

The Children of Eternal Darkness:

  • Nip (Chief Lieutenant of Crime Number One [the one who had eyes]) - Oliver Retter
  • Tuck (Chief Lieutenant of Crime Number Two [and lover of Heavy Metal]) - Iona Conway

TING CAST Louise O'Hara, Piper Jacobsen, Nina Glover Southworth, Betty Mayo, Catherine Pontin, Leah Girma.

BOOM CAST Hans Rossbach, Nicole Wanogho, Kitty Judge, Bethan Collings, Marnie MacIver, Blake McKenzie.


THANKS Emma Kerby-Evans and Beckenham Theatre Centre, Mojo (2010), Ladies Down Under (2010), the Selfless Barmen of SLT, Naomi, Matt Lyne, Alan Buckman, Alan Walker, Carole Coyne, Alleyn's, Gipsy Hill Tavern, Nettlefold Hall, Kerry MacHale. And extra thanks to Anne for her drive, Gerard for what he does so very, very well, Brendan for his footwork, Michelle for being an absolute star, and Lauri, for frankly, keeping me sane.


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